Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Complex facade

G & I have watched this building being built and finished over the last couple of years. It's had a "TO LET" sign up for several months and we wondered who would want to live on a very busy junction in a building as complex-looking as this.

Today, as I was waiting at the traffic lights, I noticed several balconies had a table and chairs on them, so I guess there is some uptake. Good for them in securing tenants. And thanks to the map feature, I now know what the building is called.

G had a meeting not far from the airport, so I dropped her off and caught up with blips, sitting in a cafe in Festival City. It was SweetArt's turn today. We called in at Volvo on the way home. I am told that I will get my car back tomorrow. They have one last part they want to get, otherwise, it is ready.

And in the evening, I did a couple of hours of ironing. Actually, it wasn't as long as that. Yesterday, when putting the load on, I discovered a button on the washing machine called "Easy Iron" and it actually made a difference! You've got to love modern technology! :)

GK over and out.

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