Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Light meal

My blip doesn't tell anything of the great day it's been apart from the fact that this was dinner and I forgot to take my camera when I went out, so it is now my blip!

G had a short day so she was home by 10:30. We had lunch and went out to run a number of errands. First off was to change some money! Then to do the weekly shop except we got distracted by going into ACE first.

They had a lot of goodies to look at. We stuck mainly to the kitchen gadgets; then G wanted to look at something in the plant section for which we had to walk past some electronics to get to. I never got to the plant section! There was an Atari Flashback console which caught my eye, then a very smart Bose speaker and that was that!

I had to be pulled away from my demo of the Bose speaker! The Atari came home with us though! By this stage, we had lost quite a lot of time, so the shop in Carrefour was much more focussed, except G wanted to look at everything.

The big news of the day though is that - I got my car back! The wonderful guys at Volvo polished it for me and I can't believe the price I was charged (next to nothing). The windscreen wiper was the biggest problem which has needed a creative solution. I now have to pull a lever before I can use the wipers, which makes my car even more unique!

No problems on the drive home and I think the security guards who manage the car park downstairs are glad I finally have the right car in the space! I wanted to take it for registration while G was doing her lesson, but that didn't happen, so I will do that tomorrow. Actually, G's lesson didn't happen either! Internet problems at the other end! Argh!

Dinner was mainly to use/finish up things while they are still "good"!

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