Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Reunited #2

I was itching to get my car registered yesterday but managed to be patient and wait until today. So, in the "cool" of the day, I had the tyre pressure checked, put some petrol and then took it to the registration place. No queues, and hardly any waiting. It passed with flying colours, as a low carbon emitting car, helped no doubt by the fact that it did less than 6,000 kilometres last year.

I was really miffed though that the little scrape in the car park last year, for which the police weren't even required to come, cost me £110 as a fine for being the party responsible. I managed to wriggle out of having to change to the new "smart" licence plate though. That can wait till 2020.

The planned trip to Global Village got changed to IKEA. G wanted to look for something specific in the gardening section. We had a walk around the pirate ship first as there was a little more light than our first visit. I love the space they have created on the waterfront. My extra is of the fountain show, looking back at the mall.

G found what she wanted for the plants in the living room, so it wasn't a wasted trip. It's been great driving around in the Volvo again. It goes remarkably smoothly for an old car!

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