The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie


Shelly and I spent a lovely day together today. It began at a slow pace with a quiet morning together. Then we took off south, heading for La Conner. Shelly had never been there. We meandered down Chuckanut and stopped at one of my favorite galleries, Chuckanut Bay Gallery. While we were there Shel bought me a beautiful silver ring with two Herons with their bills connected, love birds of a different feather. This made me very happy and now I'm wearing it and plan to keep it on most of the time.

Next we drove down to Edison and stopped at one of our favorite bakeries, the Bread Farm. We got bread and several kinds of cookies which we began to munch. Soon we took off again and as I was rounding a corner I drover over some kind of obstruction. All seemed well so we kept on driving. Soon I realized there was a strange sound coming from the right front. I found a good place to stop and we got out to look. My right front tire was totally flat and beyond repair. 

Just as we were pulling things out of the trunk and getting ready to change the tire, a very nice fellow pulled up in a pickup and offered to change the tire for us. He said it was the second one he'd  changed that day and that he liked helping folks. So he did and soon we were ready to go. We both thanked him and wished him help and care when we was older and needed help. He smiled and headed off. He made our day and perhaps we made his. I know myself that being of service to someone is very fulfilling and makes you happy.

We took a detour to Les Schwab for a new tire. Actually I got four. I knew beforehand that my tires were getting close to replacement time. So half an hour later we continued on towards La Conner with a new set of tires. 

We found a good handicap parking place next to a restaurant and wandered around town. Our main stop was the Museum of Northwest Art. The two photos are from that museum. The extra is of "two old birds". Those heads represent signs of the zodiac based on creatures from south of the border. They were very very cool and we both enjoyed looking at them. The artist is George Rodriguez. 

After our exploration of the museum we went back to the restaurant and had a delicious Polish dinner. It was great to find a style of cooking that we don't often find around here. The food was yummy. After dinner I drove Shelly home and then headed home myself to feed the kitties and spend a quiet evening by myself. It was a wonderful day.

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