Still Miztified

By Miztified

Fiasco Day

Today was the annual 3 Bridge Fiasco - a sailing pursuit race involving 300+ boats, visiting  the Golden Gate, Richmond/San Rafael, and Bay Bridges before returning to the start/finish in front of the Golden Gate Yacht Club. In the extras I have included each bridge, although there's only a peek of the Golden Gate, and the Bay Bridge gets 2 since we sailed under both spans!
We were not officially racing today, but out to sail the course and watch the fun.The race is called the Fiasco because although everybody has to go around one buoy and two islands, they can do it in any or order or direction. Crews can be only be one (single handing) or 2,  and at this time of year the currents are usually strong and the winds fickle - there have been years where the wind is so weak only one or 2 boats finished the course after valiantly drifting all day, and others where the race is wild and stormy and the glory goes to the tough and brave. Today was probably the best day for years, with pleasant light to moderate winds and only short calm patches - I expect there were a lot of finishers, and most got home much earlier than expected.

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