Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Sophia And Teddy.

It was quite nice when I got up, a bit cooler than normal.  That didn't last long.  

By the time I went out at 9am it was already getting hotter.  So, I didn't stay out long.

On December 10 last year I sent out my Christmas cards.  We learnt the other day that a friend in the UK received hers on 23 January!!  It's taken over 6 weeks to get there, it was only supposed to take 10 days.

Postage isn't cheap, and I also know that last year, one of my cards didn't reach another friend at all.

So I have no idea if this is the fault of Australia Post or the GPO.

So to any friends out there in Australia, UK, NZ, or the USA, believe me I did send you a card, I just don't know if you received it.

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