A bit of a silly photo

It was good to sit down for a bit of R&R after dinner tonight. It’s been a none stop Day from when the gas engineer came to service our boiler and Doreen’s boiler.

A short walk before I went to Canterbury to watch a referee while Susan did her usual Saturday clean. Once home, I cooked a couple of curries from a new book I had for Christmas. One was Kidney bean curry, the other was stir fried cauliflower with coconut and almonds. They were ok but I don’t think I’ll be doing them again.

Today’s blip was the only opportunity for a photo, not even good and no merit at all. It’s a silly blip for a Saturday. They’d been pumping concrete for foundations and were using a public footpath for the hose.

Thank you admirer.

Will you just look at the pavement parking beyond the truck.

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