for he is many

Apart from a lucky shot at our departmental team-building-at-the-zoo day in 2005 any attempt to sneak a picture of this David (as opposed to one of the other two current and two additional previous Davids) resulted in him ducking out of the way although there are a few from last Friday's bowling which will eventually get processed and printed and stuck on the notice board to prove to him the futility of attempting to hide. He probably only sat with the light at his back accidentally rather than to cast deliberate shadows over his face but he was seated directly opposite me and couldn't easily conceal himself at the team's voucher-prompted pizza-restaurant visit. Another colleague to be crossed off the list; I don't feel I have to get them all but as a third of every day (or perhaps a quarter in David's late-arriving case) is spent in their presence they might as well be used for target practise. I could probably get him again now as our new desks have no central sound-absorbing barrier and he looks to be absorbed in a demonstration to another colleague but he'd probably notice and the light's not as good in the office as in the restaurant as he's a bit too far from the window. The light was even better outside just now when we were driven out by the fire alarm so there'll probably be something usable from them for Wednesday's entry.

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