Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham

Another Day, Another Hammer!

It’s been a mostly cold, miserable day with sleet forecast by evening although there is a distant sunset happening as I write. The next few days are forecast cold but sunny before the snow arrives later in the week...I do hope we get some!

Hubby declared we needed to go food shopping rather than order online so that took up about 3 hours by the time it was all put away....and cost about £100 more than an online shop by the time he’d added pans and bakeware to the trolley along with a few goodies I don’t usually buy.

By the time I’d had lunch what little light there had been was beginning to fade and I still needed a blip. Thankfully the birds came to the rescue...there were several blackbirds playing catchy kissy round the garden and one male stopped to admire the primula, then the yellow hammer appeared beneath the feeding station and had a wander about hoovering up the spilled seeds.

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