Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Standing (and sitting) by the Bench

I reckon I experienced the best part of the day, standing on the edge of the local park as the sun rose.  For the rest of the day the wind picked up and made it thoroughly uncomfortable to be outside.

This gentleman is a regular dog walker in the park.  He'd stopped, out of frame, as I find many people do when they see me with a camera on a tripod.  I actually thought it would make a change to put someone in the frame so I invited him in and asked him to stand as still as possible.  I remember reading about some of the very first images taken of street scenes.  In those days, with exposures counted in the minutes each person was helped to stay still with a metal frame that held them in position.  At least he only needed to stay still for half a second.

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