Big Winter Garden Birdwatch!

A cold day with a bitter northerly wind, which is probably what kept today’s bird count low. Having said that, it was more likely to have been the scaffolders, who turned up this morning at 8.30am (on a Sunday!!) to finish erecting scaffolding on next door’s house, that scared the birds away, what a row!

So after so few birdie visitors in the garden this morning, I decided to give it another go and did a second hour of bird counting this afternoon. This time the squirrel did his best to scare the birds away from the feeders, and the wind had picked up to gale force, but I still managed to spot quite a few varieties of birds, though often a solitary bird of a breed (see list below if you’re interested). Last year’s count was much more exciting, including that Sparrow Hawk and Partridge!

Blackbird 4
Sparrow 8
Pigeon 3
Collared Dove 2
Magpie 1
Robin 1
Starling 2
Goldfinch 1
Black Cap 1
Dunnock 1
Blue Tit 1
Chaffinch 1
Great Tit 1
Carrion Crow 2
Jackdaw 3
Cheeky Squirrel 1!

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