Bella - in the eyes of the beholder

Jensphotos (Jenny) has posed a novel challenge ‘Origin - What’s in a name’.

Initially my blip moniker was an anonymous BB888. But after a year or so (at 536 entries now) and with newly found blipmates, BB888 seemed impersonal.

The BB derived from my love affair with Brigitte Bardot (in my early teens). My first name began with B. My surname translated into a word beginning with B. So we had something in common’

The 888 came about after business visits to Hong Hong, learning it was a lucky and positive number signifying “triple fortune”. Addresses and phone numbers containing the digit sequence 888 are considered particularly lucky “and may command a premium”. 888 has stuck with me and hopefully will continue to bring me good fortune.

BB888 has now morphed into Bella888. Bella conveys ‘beauty’ in every sense. A beautiful: person, smile, occasion, image, holiday, weather ...etc. Having considered various alternatives, it had to be ‘Bella’.

And of course ‘La Bella Italia’ is in many ways my spiritual home having spent several formative years living and working in Florence, speaking the lingo and loving* the people (*including the at times impossible Mr B).

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