By Bella888


So what was wrong with the original theme ‘Rhymes with January’!!!!!

Here were are almost at the end of VEGANUARY, and what an impact the lifestyle is having. The TV, press .... all talking about it. Even Deborah Meaden, she of Dragons’ Den, referred to her move towards ‘veganism’ (she is a vegetarian).

And several top sportspeople are. (Djokovic, Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton, Jermain Defoe, David Haye, even top bodybuilders and weightlifters). An impressive line-up

A 3rd Vegan eatery (takeaway) is opening up in ‘The Triangle’ here. A posh vegan restaurant only opened a few weeks ago, ‘Twelve Eatery’ (have to try it - Mr B of course is not interested).

I am making inroads converting from veggie to vegan. Am trying several nutritional alternatives (Nutritional Yeast, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds) and am experimenting with recipes - before I make the jump.

Thankfully restaurants are learning there’s more than risotto and pasta for vegans. I can never understand their stodgy offer, and see my animal eating friends are offered some lovely vegetables with their main, but not me.

I confess it’s 10:30 pm and I’m shattered (doing paperwork all day - haven’t even been out - and more tomorrow). But had to put blip to bed before retiring. So this is a very emergency blip.

These lovely tiny fruits (Physalis) are something I buy from time to time, if I can find them. The perfect treat for a vegan.

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