Waiting patiently for snow

Paperwork this morning. Inland Revenue’s online self assessment can drive you round the bend. Once completed it said I owed £’000s in tax to be paid by end February. Called HRMC and they said, yes several people had misunderstood the same question and answered incorrectly. Anyway resolved after speaking to helpful inspector. When I get home will make the change and the press the button.

Been to new hairdresser. Well actually one I went to about 12 years ago when we were regular visitors to Bournemouth. She was excellent and still is. Long story why I left, but nothing to do with her. I had heard and she confirmed they are closing in 3 weeks. Lease renewal problems. She and her sister are setting up a salon at one of their homes. A 25/35 mn drive. Pity as where they are now is a 5mn walk. As only need to go 4x a year, perhaps I’ll make the trek (haven’t found anyone better locally as good as her).

Sitting in our café. Asked the owner’s daughter (who acts) if she had heard of Brigitte Bardot (re Monday’s challenge). As expected she hadn’t. Mr B was amazed. Today’s kids have their own stars.

Mr B chasing me .... sorry still behind with seeing all your blips x

NB. Been watching out for the elusive snow. It’s been in the region, but I certainly haven’t seen any.

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