Origins (MM262)

Jensphotos has set origins as the theme for this week's anniversary mono Monday and suggested something involving our blipnames. 

My blip name is entirely unoriginal as it is just my first given name and an initial so I have gone for the origins of my interest in photography. 
The first  camera I used is the one on the left - my father's Kodak Retina 2C, which is older than I am.  On the right is the first DSLR I used and the camera I used for my first ever blip entry

I learned to process and print monochrome at 6th form in 1976, using the Retina, and moved on to slide films when I bought my first film SLR in 1981. History appears to repeating itself as I have a slide film in Gill's Pentax MX and a B&W film in an old Canon A1.  If I ever get to the end of the films, steveng_film may become a new occasional blip journal :-)

Every day is a school day, but my most clear lesson from re-trying film is that having to stick to one ISO setting for a whole 36 frames ... is really quite tedious!  The B&W film is iso50,  which means the majority of images will involve a tripod.  Being able to turn the iso on my current DSLR up  1000+ and not have to worry about graininess is a luxury I wouldn't have dreamed of when I first started!

Apart from this indoor focus stacked blip, my day has been taken up with the less than exciting task of making space in the garage for a delivery tomorrow.  We are finally getting around to replacing our mix & match bedroom furniture with some which does actually share a few design features :-)  The old stuff is still quite serviceable so it is going to the local church who keep some in a storage unit for helping out needy cases.  South Warwickshire does look quite affluent,  but scratch below the surface and there are many people having a difficult time, so hopefully it will do some good.

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