Colours & Monochrome conversion

Not the most exciting blip - but it is for an educational purpose.

Our camera club presentation next month is monochrome conversion and as this is one we're going to organise ourselves, it falls to me to cover the how one might go about it.  I can't complain, it was my idea :-)

I thought I would start off with a photograph with some obvious colours, see what happened with the in-camera possibilities and then move on to what Lightroom, Silver Efex and Photoshop might offer.

My main blip is the  colour version,  in the extras, one just in mono, one with a yellow filter, one with a red filter, each applied in-camera.  I'm not sure the yellow does much with these subjects, but the red can be seen to have had some effect. 

Ideas on what else to include are very welcome ... one of us is covering what might look good or be improved in monochrome,  I'm covering processing, and another is doing printing and presentation.  We're not aiming for complete coverage,  just to sow a few seeds.

At the moment I can see me learning how little I know about mono conversion!

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