By FrankS


Frank is from the Old French Franc and the Germanic Frank, names referring to a member of the Germanic tribes that established the Frankish Empire, extending over what is now France, Germany, and Italy. The tribe is thought to have obtained their name from a type of spear of javelin (franco).
My journal and user names are pretty boring compared to some more imaginative blippers.  FrankS is self-explanatory, S being the possessive of Frank and also the first letter of my surname. fs2012 denotes the year I started blipping.
Having read the origin of the name Frank as above, I can understand why I am in the Remain camp during this Brexit fiasco.
The main reason why I am called Frank is because it was my father's middle name and apparently there was some sort of tradition that names be handed down through the generations.  I have broken with this tradition, none of my four children have William as a name, and only three of them have Stead, Emma is my lovely Rainbow.
 Choosing a picture to go with the theme is more problematic. I could give you a selfie but I wouldn't want to scare the children, so here is my submission.  

It's been a lovely sunny, though cold, day and this afternoon I took off for Anne Hathaway Cottage in Shottery. Ann was meeting a friend so I was free to have a slow wander, stopping frequently to take pictures.  I settled on this one taken in the woods. Trees and plants having being around since the start of time, allowing for flooding, molten lava and the occasional ice age, so they were there at the Origin of Species. Will that do?

Thanks to jensphotos for hosting this month's Mono Monday. 

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