By tookie

Tookie at Three

When I chose Tookie on Blip I didn't realize that would be MY NAME here that I'd be known by haha...The origin of this nickname is rather strange but it's the best I know it....
     My folks called my Tookie (pronounced Took you took something is how its pronounced...not tooooo)  Their explanation was that I sat on the bench like seat near our dining room looking out the window at any cars going by pointing them out saying "tookie tookie tookie".....what that meant I don't know, but the nickname least with them and now the entire blip world:)  
      I spent many years going to girl scout camp and eventually became a camp counselor....I used Tookie as my counselor nick name too.  So it's been around a lot...I was a counselor at an upstate girl scout camp near Gloversville, NY two years and then two more years as a counselor in Maine at Camp Natarswi near Baxter State Park. I must remember to blip a picture of me climbing across Mt. Katahdin's "knife edge" sometime....hard to believe I EVER did that:)
            That's my story behind this unusual nickname.I'm enjoying reading all about yours!

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