Burns night

R and I had our 3rd date tonight. Went to the Granary for burns supper. Unfortunately I can't remember the menu. We received a glass of prosecco (didn't want to get a whiskey). Then we went to the table. A piper came into the room, showing us the beautiful haggies and the vegs. Then an amazing Burns poem I haven't understood a word and then the first course. A soup. The soup had vegetables, oats and meet in it, the main course was haggis, neeps and tatties and the dessert was a beautiful cranachan.

After that amazing dinner we went to Brewhemia for a few more pints, some pretty awesome dance moves and pictures at the photo booth.

On our way out two girls were talking about selfharm so R stopped. They started to talk to us so we sat down, helped them drinking their prosecco bottle and then i received an Irn Bru Cupcake (she's working at Mimi's Bakehouse). We took the taxi home, me holding the cupcake in my hands. We were pretty drunk.

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