By chantler63

Infra-red Palm

Swathes of palm trees cover the landscape here  - most destined for palm oil. I have to admit that I don't fully understand what this ingredient is used for but I do know that the necessity to grow more and more to supply the market is decreasing habitats for many animals, including elephants. However, on the way to Lumut, our new destination, we stopped so that I could use the infrared camera on this vegetation with the sun bursting through.
We had also visited Kellie's Castle - a wonderful folly/ruin never actually completed as the owner died  so not strictly speaking a folly. Full of atmosphere and would have been spectacular if finished.

We also squeezed in a visit to the Terrapin conservation centre where we seemed to be the only visitors for today. This place is doing sterling work breeding terrapins and nurturing them for several years before introducing them to the wild.

Now in our next hotel after a great meal and sharing a few beers with a delightful couple from Norway.

Terrible news today from American Blipper DDW. Dana and Richard are a wonderful couple and hosted J and I for a week in Boston last year. They had just returned from a long trip away and have now had the bomb shell of their eldest son's sudden death. Devastating news. 

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