Over the Bridge to ..... Tate Modern

A poor show for Technology as theme for mono Monday.  However, Tate Modern used to be a power station and was the height of technology at one point.  Now it's a huge space filled with... art!  I usually like this place but I found some of the current installations somewhat challenging to regard as 'art'; I can often see where the artist was coming from but today, quite a few bits had me baffled.

I went into London to join a Photographic group down by the Thames' shore at low tide - hard to walk about as the shore is quite rocky and it was dark!  Tripod stuck in the mud at one point and tides have the habit of coming back in so I got my feet very wet too.  A few decent shots though for the effort.  A non-mono as extra.

I am seriously thinking of a mirrorless camera.  I love my Nikon but, even travelling light, it was a weight to lug around, especially with the tripod.  No gain without pain though.

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