The grass is greener

From all those bits of wool, I'm guessing they've done this before, but I've never seen it.  They sneaked through one at a time, very sheepishly.

I should have just collected those bits but I'm off to our local wool shop tomorrow to collect some curly Masham wool for trolls' beards.  My new varifocals are AMAZING! Felting and TV at the same time - a year on and I'm still loving my new hobby.

And yes, yesterday's birds were our skittish redwings, over for the winter. I watched fifty or so with their heads buried in the leaves - just to the right of this picture.  They were so well camouflaged, all I could see was leaves being tossed around.  I wasn't sure whether any were actually on camera until I saw them back home.  I think I managed four in the end.

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