... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Milk: Coffee with Dad

More floral notes in large.
Extra: Frost-droplet-beaded Crocus

Took macro and flash photos in the garden as the frost melted into crystalline droplets, but then took pictures when I went for coffee with Dad at Milk in the bright early afternoon sunshine... Indecision reigns.

Milk always serve three separate (single origin) beans for white coffees, black coffees, and batch brewed filter coffee, but I asked for an espresso made with their "white coffee" bean, because it was a naturally-processed Ethiopian, so I had to give it a try... It was bonkers: tasted almost alcoholic, with a main note of appealingly overripe jammy strawberries, and lots of aromatic floral flavours...

Others here (or right from Crocus with gnaw hole)

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