Stuck for a blip wednesday

Yes folks it's my new challenge the rules are. 

You've neglected to take a photo all day.

It's dark.

You can't really be arsed but you know you have to blip something.

You blip something incredibly obvious, spend at least 2 seconds trying to make it a bit arty.

tag it SFABW ;)

Remember that chap who came in looking for work?

We've offered him a paid apprenticeship. I think he's keen but we've told him to take a few days to think about it.

We did offer another developer a job today and she accepted, this is good news and we also signed the lease for the new office (finally, after much pain). The landlord still has to complete some work before we actually exchange though so it might be a while but the end is in sight (I hope).

In case you are remotely interested. That's a Fender Stratocaster Elite HSS. It's the best guitar I've got but oddly I never play it live.

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