Housewife's Choice

By christilou


up in the warm.  It was freezing today.  I had a call this morning from my son in law asking if I could get round there in an hour and wait for their boiler man to come and fix their boiler.  I got ready and walked Little B round there for 9.30 and by the time the repair man had been it was almost 11.30 but still icy outside.  I almost slipped over as Little B pulled me up towards the park at a gallop and although it was bright and sunny there were large expanses of grass still frozen solid.  In fact I was going to take a back path home but it was so icy that we turned around.  I'm rather more mindful of slipping over since my friend who slipped in the mud and broke her wrist two months ago is still unable to use her arm properly.  Little B spent the rest of the day slumbering in the warmth of our dining room which gets the sun and is like a little hot house :)

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