Housewife's Choice

By christilou

Look .......

no hands!  Well, our heating packed up last night.  We knew this was coming as we had a couple of carefully placed plastic boxes underneath it to catch the water coming out for the last 6 months.  We had scheduled it for the end of March but sadly it will not last until then.  So fed up because we had the kitchen done a couple of years ago and now we have had to remove the cupboard and boxing in over the top pipes to allow for Andy the fitter to replace it.  Although it fired up for a while this morning it soon died another death by 9.30 a.m   Andy can't come until Tuesday so it looks like a chilly few days.  Gutted because my husband is off skiing with the boys tomorrow until Wednesday and we were looking forward to a slothful time! Now we'll be huddled in the living room with the gas fire.  
I went to Fitsteps this morning and once again the subject of changing the venue came up, one lady upped and left half way through last week as she was fed up with being crowded out by the one who shall be nameless invading her space.  It seems that the dissatisfaction of just one person might mean that we have to give up this lovely space with mirrors and proper flooring :(. 

Looby Lou came round this evening to give me Grandad's birthday card so that I can hide it in his luggage for the 2nd Feb.  He always celebrates at the poshest restaurant at the top of a mountain with his mates now.  Good job she did because I had forgotten to write my card in all the angst with the heating!

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