Baby, it's cold outside!

Thankfully, we're not as cold as the midwest, but Jack Frost was busy decorating our upstairs windows last night. Dogcorner Cottage used to be a summer house. When my grandparents bought it in 1928 there was no central heat, just a fireplace and wood stoves I imagine. They had a heating system put it, but mainly, only downstairs. "Brr", you say for us now, upstairs, but we are plenty warm. We have heat rising from a large downstairs hall radiator that sends plenty of warmth upstairs to our large hallway and bedroom. They did put one small radiator upstairs in the 4th bedroom that was converted into a bathroom. When I was a child it was really nippy upstairs, but storm windows installed in the 80s blocked the drafts and we are very cozy now. We also have a lovely gas fireplace in the living room and the chimney warmth also warms the upstairs and the dining room downstairs. Raspberry is curled in her bed in front of that fire right now.

Trish is in Baltimore for a one day and night business trip. I think I'm staying put inside with Raspberry today unless it warms up dramatically this afternoon. Tomorrow I have a Blipmeet( our 3rd) with our friend, Aprecious, in Plymouth Ma, where she is on a business trip as well. 

For the Record,
This day came in with bitter cold temps and windchills.

All hands sending love to DDW & Mr. W

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