By MsQuizzical

"Slip Slidin' Away"*

It was a magically frosty morning. I got some great shots of a robin singing its heart out in full sunshine which picked out the detail of its every feather. I couldn't resist snapping loads of frosted leaves and seedheads.

I took my old blue S2000 to get the grocery shopping so that I wouldn't have to take my yellow out on salted surfaces. She started first time and I enjoyed driving her again. I plan to turn her into a summer dog car. 

Soon after Ollie dog and I arrived north of the Stort Navigation we spotted a kingfisher in a tree on the southern bank. (Extras) When we were walking along the southerly tow path we saw Shaun, Bailiff and Daisy on the other side. We exchanged waves and he shouted where he had just seen a heron. 

East of Pardon Mill  the river was frozen. I got lots of pics of slip sliding mallards.

*Slip Slidin' Away

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