By MsQuizzical

A True Blip On Brexit Day


I'd got my image of a muntjac buck ready to post. I hadn't intended to nail my colours to the mast on Brexit Day. 

MrQ and I were quietly celebrating with a glass of English sparkling wine in our Dartington Crystal (one of only a few crystal brands still producing in the UK) Sharon glasses. I love the teardrop shape in the stem and decided to take a pic of it in front of a plastic Union flag that I'd been given at a car club event. I balanced the full glass on a pot next to my laptop and got a few shots.

I'd only had a few sips when I knocked the glass and the contents flooded over my laptop keyboard. I dried it as best I could and it has spent two nights on top of the boiler. It's as dead as a dodo. :(

Luckily I've got a spare laptop, the one that was repaired after MrQ knocked wine over that. :) I'd uploaded my muntjac pic to the dead laptop and deleted it from the camera. Not wanting to break my nearly seven year run of posting a pic a day taken on the day in question in true blip tradition, I give you Happy Brexit Day. :) 

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