Multi tasking

Oh well. Not the best picture. It didn't really come out as I'd hoped, but as this picture, and two similar ones, were the only ones I've taken today, they'll have to do. My attention was drawn to this lattice work of scaffolding by some workers up there sawing away on something. But by the time I'd got my camera out, they'd disappeared, so the splash of colour offered by their yellow jackets had gone.

No time, otherwise, to take photographs. I did fit in a spinning class earlier on, but apart from that, I've been busy multi tasking all day. This was partly because a man said something stupid on the internet this morning, and since I was tagged into a reply to this, my mentions on twitter have gone a bit bonkers today. I made a few notes as time went by (and I worked on my writing, answered emails and talked to a publisher) on points I wanted to make about the originally very stupid tweet, and eventually sat down this evening - all the while being bugged by a friend via Messenger to book a hotel in Munich in the summer when we're on holiday which needed doing as the hotel was almost booked out... - to write a blog. Predictably my mentions have been going even more bonkers ever since then. Anyway, some might find it interesting. It's on the topic of academics and the media.

The original day of multi tasking. Welcome to life.

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