a lifetime burning

By Sheol

That hill again

This is yet another shot of the nearby roundhill, which was looking so good with all that snow that I couldn't resist.  

The snow is still hanging around, although it has definitely been melting.  I popped to the local supermarket to get the groceries earlier on to find that the car park was shut because of ice.  I think the supermarket were worried that they might get sued if someone slipped and hurt themselves or if a car got banged.  So instead, shoppers tried to find places to park on the nearby roads.  The end result being that supermarket shoppers had to brave untreated pavements and cross roads whilst avoiding the cars trying to park tin order to get to the empty supermarket carpark.

Without Jess to entertain, Cathy and I have found ourselves with a free weekend.  Which has meant our making progress with our plans for a trip to the Edinburgh festival later this year :-)

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