a lifetime burning

By Sheol


As you can see from the starlings battling over the fat balls in the garden,  it did snow after all.  

Not more than 30 minutes after I posted yesterday's blip the snow started to fall.  I popped down to the village pub at 9:30pm to meet the chaps for a quick Thursday night pint at which stage there was perhaps 2cm of snow on the ground.  By the time I walked back an hour later, there was 3cm.  However, the snow kept falling until lunchtime today and I think we have about 15cm of the stuff now.

It is not due to last, the temperature is already starting to rise, and the drifts on the cars are starting to melt.  It is all going to be a bit wet and muddy for a few days I think.

Sadly this does mean that our daughter Jess is not going to be able to visit us for the weekend which is a bit of a disappointment for all concerned.  I had even gone to the trouble of making a gluten free carrot cake for her using the Honeybuns cake recipe book.  As its the first time I've tried this particular recipe I'm not too sure how this has worked out, as yet.  We shall have to try it this evening and if all has gone well, we will be able to make it again for the re-arranged visit, when that takes place.

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