a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Attenborough and Coal

We've been in Nottingham visiting our daughter Jess, who is at the University there for her PhD.  It has been a lovely weekend, during which we visited the nearby Attenbourough nature reserve for a walk on what was a dry but very blustery day.  I really wished that I had known we were going to be doing this as I would definitely have brought a longer lens than the 24-70mm.  In the circumstances my extra of the great tit is a bit of a triumph, as he really was quite close to me.

I thought it a little amusing, that from the nature reserve, just across the neighbouring river Trent you could clearly see the Retford a coal fuelled electricity power station.  Fossil fuel generated power will hopefully very soon become the symbol of a bygone age, one that we will look back at on with some bemusement, just as we now do at the hundreds and hundreds of years without mains drainage.  In this case I understand that EDF does intend to close the Retford power station.  Hopefully, there will be other greener methods of generating power available when we need them, although I'm not entirely convinced that those in charge of delivering our national energy strategy have everything in hand in quite the orderly way that we would all hope.

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