a lifetime burning

By Sheol


I'd normally have had a go at the Mono Monday challenge, but this week's challenge is animal(s) in low key.  That gives me two problems (1) the very overcast light today means that any low key shot would need to involve an artificial light source, so would have to be done at home and (2) we don't actually have any pets of our own.  Short of petnapping someone else's dog or cat for the purpose I was a bit stumped.  So here instead is a landscape in colour (or what passes for colour at this time of year).

This is Kelston Roundhill seen from the North for a change.  I'm up on the Cotswold Way doing the ridge section near Lansdown in Bath.  It is not actually raining today, although it is a bit gloomy with no prospect of any sunshine or even a break in the grey duvet overhead.  So all in all,  it seemed as good an idea as any to get out and go a bit further today.  

I needed to stay away from the river as the water meadows are all flooded again and many of the paths not really useable.  Although its not raining, as you can see its far from dry underfoot.  Everything is very wet and very slippery.  The fields are all empty at the moment, the fields are too wet for cattle and the sheep are now indoors as the lambing season is beginning.

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