Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Skye - Day 2

We were out the door at 7.30 to get some early morning photos. Thankfully in winter sunrise is late so it was a very civilised hour to be out. We went to The Old Man of Storr and took some photos for about an hour  - it was -6C and after an hour I could no longer feel my fingers and as everyone was cold and in need of breakfast we packed up and went back to the hotel. I took so many photos today but decided to blip this photo from the early morning shoot as it was a unique snow covered view of The Old Man of Storr and it was so freezing cold I was amazed I did it! I have also added an extra of the little grasses poking through the snow as the sun was rising.

The plan was to walk up The Old Man of Storr today but it was too snowy and therefore considered too dangerous so we had to abandon that idea. Instead we took a drive to The Quiraing and stopped along the way to shoot other scenery. We spent quite a bit of time up there, but we could not walk into the actual Quiraing as again it was too snowy and not possible to do so. The drive up there was very icy and we got stuck once when the guys all had to push the car! 

After we came down from there we went to Staffin beach where we had some tea and ate our lunch - we buy something in the morning from the Co-Op and take it with us. I was still so stuffed from breakfast that an apple and a protein bar was more than enough for me. We then moved on to see a ruined little castle before going to another bay where we took some images of the approaching snow storm. 

It was another busy and wonderful day, I took hundreds of photos but have selected only a few for you to see here.(nothing worse than having to wade through hundreds of photos on facebook or flickr!)

It has been a busy day and I have not had time to see journals. The mobile coverage is very poor so for most of the day I don't have a signal. While I have been busy here on Skye there has been a lot going on at home and also with my family in SA, as my brother is very ill and in ICU at hospital with an undiagnosed infection. 

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