By tookie


Hungry Big R scored a big slice of sausage and mushroon pizza while in competition with Mr. Buzzard for scraps out front today!!  Another of him delightfully chewing in the extra;)
     We are going to soon have a new roof put on so henceforth the big buzzared bin there to eat up the roof scraps....Big R was able to find a slice of pizza before the roofing begin! Early Friday pre 6am there came a knock knock on our door....I answered in jammies to a guy saying "the Hungry Buzzard is Here!"   " What the hec is that?" I asked as no one had told us that was coming that morning....but all is well now for when the roofing soon the meantime ....a good place for R to snack:)
    Thanks again to Admirerwho continually hosts this fun challenge!

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