What is this?

At first I thought it might be an osprey, but tomorrow's phot puts an end to that.?. I've been staking out the nest in a coconut palm for a week.  Yesterday there was a fantastic view, but I'd run out of batteries...but today as I arrived he/she flew in and proceeded to perform an elaborate and thorough toilette for half an hour before sitting prettily for the portrait.  In the extras is a frontal portrait, a grasshopper saved from the sea edge, two fishermen struggling to catch an evening meal (only 7 wee fish and a crab caught this first time), the beach patrol actually had 5 more dogs in the pack that were out of picture (they never worry me but runners get attention), and the last is the stuff of nightmares if you live in the rocks. There is another photo of the osprey - just for Evolybab!

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