Is this an Osprey

and was yesterday's something else?  This is certainly bigger and darker on the back and there is more white underneath.  It has a huge nest and according to those who live beneath it has nested there for 10 years without fail.  Of course they couldn't give me a name other than 'eagle'.  Earlier on my walk I saw it screaching at a crow that had joined it on an adjacent branch.  Later the crow acutallly mobbed it but was brushed aside as if nothing had happened. A heavily bejewelled and elaborately dressed lady from the adjacent state (Karnataka) passed me on the beach.  They charge a fortune if you ask to photograph them so here is her back.  I did another saviour bit today - first a butterfly that was lying spreadeagled with its wings stuck to the sand and It sat in my hand for an hour drying out before flying away happily.  And I threw about 5 starfish  tinto the sea that had become stranded  by the outgoing tide.  They cover themselves with  sand but the inquisitive little birds uncover them and then the sand is too dry to ease over themselves again.  When I was here, many moons ago we used to find hundreds of them stranded every day and go out  on mercy missions.  How is it they have decreased so much and the shell count is minimal too?

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