The Vortex Is Over! Get Back in the Car!

It is one of our weird rituals. I can't even really remember how or why it started. But every day after Dexter has his supper, he and I like to go out and sit in my Mazda for a few minutes. Maybe you've heard of the old adage: Never get involved in a land war in Asia. I would add to that list: Never start a ritual with a tabbycat!

My Mazda used to sit in the garage, but it is now an outdoors car. And conditions being very vortexy lately - or is it vortexan? - it has been way too cold to get in the car. In fact, the car doors have been frozen shut for days. I've been riding the bus for two weeks, possibly a personal record, so I'm not sure I even noticed!

But on this day, the vortex lifted and it went back to wherever it came from. Or whatever it is that vortexes do when they're done vortexing. Packed its bags; bought an ill-advised hat; declared a vacation; set off for Florida. (Hey, I'm no expert on vortexes; I'm just a participant.)

Anyway, FINALLY, on Caturday afternoon, temperatures rose to above freezing for the first time in a LONG WHILE. So guess where Dexter and I ended up at afternoon's end: yep, back in the car! Dexter walked all around checking things out. Look at that face! I imagined him saying: The vortex is over! Get back in the car!

Here is a song to celebrate the occasion: the Beatles, with Drive My Car.

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