Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Santorini Storm

It's been a bit of a wash out today; we went to a local shopping mall in Ballito (nr Durban, South Africa) to have a coffee and use the wi-fi as there's none in our lovely apartment. We will be the last guests as the owner is selling.

Mrs BB 'WhatsApp'd' her brother who lives in Jo'Berg and he suggested buying a South African SIM card for my phone and a data package which is what we've done. I'm using my phone as a 'hotspot' and thus Mrs BB and I can surf the web. It surprising how much we miss/need wi-fi these days - how did we manage before it's invention?

The blip is taken from our balcony looking out to sea. I like the greek architecture of a small part of Santorini village with the different shapes and colours. Thunder and lightning has just started.....Mrs BB isn't impressed!!! I've just added one of the lighning as she ordered me to take a photo - and as I'm uploading the electric has gone off :(

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