By strawhouse

Me and My Beautiful Miss E

There are many disadvantages to Mr K not having a job at the moment - impending destitution and homelessness among them - but I must say it's nice having him around!
Every cloud!!
We walked down to Looby Lu's for lunch. Why drive when you can clock up another couple of miles?!!!! Honestly, this challenge has completely changed my life and it's only Day 25!!!
Mr K had his usual brie and bacon toastie and I had my usual chicken and avocado sandwich. We're nothing if not creatures of habit!!
From there we went to Waitrose to get our new favourite wheatberry, lentil and green vegetable mix to have with our salmon tonight.
Ha ha, could we be any more middle class?!!!!!!
Miss L went to her friend's for a sleepover tonight. She has been beyond giddy and counting the days!! She went off to school this morning with her bulging suitcase (because you really can't take enough soft toys and onesies with you on a sleepover!!!!)
We took advantage of Miss L not being around and took Miss E to see Aquaman. It was ace!!!
And Jason Momoa is fairly easy on the eye. 
Mr K was quite grumpy as we took the pictures in extras. I can't think why!!!!!

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