By dfb24

Pierpoint Lighthouse

Tom had the 7th and final day of this round of chemo this morning, and after that we drove to the harbor so I could take some pictures. It's 42 degrees (F) & even though it's grey and occasionally a little drizzly, it's pretty mild. Lots of ice still around though, both in the water and on the paths, so we had to really watch where we were going--wouldn't want to fall in!  I've photographed the lighthouses before, but not in the winter. This is the Pierpoint lighthouse, which sits at the spot where the Milwaukee River, moving East, meets Lake Michigan. (I thought the red would make a nice contrast on this grey day). In the extras I've put a shot of the Breakwater Lighthouse, which sits directly East, across the harbor from the Pierpoint, along the edge of the breakers--lots of ducks in the water, too. The second extra shows the view to the West from this same spot, with the Hoan Bridge spanning the Milwaukee River; the river being full of big ice chunks. The third extra shows apartments that were put up several years ago along the edge of the Milwaukee River, but on the West side of the Hoan Bridge. (I liked the slight reflections of the buildings on the smooth ice). In the summer, docks & boats are put out, and people can cruise quite a distance up through the city on the river or go the opposite way, out onto Lake Michigan. The fourth extra is an old railroad trestle bridge that sits in the middle of the river, just to the right of the apartments. It isn't used anymore, but back in the day it would be in this position so that the boats could pass on either side, but when the trains were coming it would be turned sideways so that the trains could cross the river. We had a great time walking around, and it was nice to spend some time outside without having to worry about frostbite! :)))

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