By dfb24


...spring; one of two used to hold up the garage door. This one's a spare, because when one of the springs broke lots of years ago, both were replaced. The man who replaced them would have taken both of the old ones to dispose of them, but Tom has a problem with throwing something away if it's not broken & "you never know when you might need it". It's a good 2 1/2 feet long and has been propped against the garage wall for an awful lot of years--looks like it, as it's covered with grease, spiderwebs and dust; ever the nurse, I put on rubber gloves before I picked it up! Haha! I shouldn't really be (mildly) ripping on Tom today, as it's his birthday. His sister came over and brought lunch, which was so thoughtful, and I made him his favorite cheesecake to have after dinner tonight. The twins are face-timing him later today, and they, along with Mae, are all geared up to sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa! :))
Thanks to laurie54 for hosting MonoMonday for February, and for her "Tension" theme. 

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