By dfb24


...just melt your heart! We had such a fun time talking to the twins last evening on face-time, during which all the girls sang happy birthday to Grandpa. In honor of the occasion, the twins had floating hearts & a birthday cake on the face time screen! (I have NO idea how they did that).  Mae was hugging Grandpa and the twins were telling Grandpa how much they loved him.......it was just so heartwarming!
 Mae & I found this tiny heart-shaped rock last summer when we were at the beach. She painted it herself (along with the table, the floor, & a couple of spots on the wall--Haha!) We keep it up on a shelf--it's so small we don't want her putting it in her mouth and choking--where she loves to look at it because "it's SUPER pretty"!  After all the "Grandpa-love" last night, I thought this would be perfect for the TT blip. We're so blessed! :)
Thanks to wrperry/Wendy for taking over the TT challenge for February,
(after that Florida vacation you should be all "warmed up" for hosting duties--Haha!) and Tom asked me to pass along his "mega thanks" for all for the birthday wishes you sent him! 

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