By dfb24


...is what’s most important to me. This is my aunt Jean, who will be 95 in April, & my uncle Bob, who is 89. (It was his wife that just recently passed away after 68 years of marriage.) They are the last of my mothers’ siblings & I love them both very much. They’ve been such an integral part of my life, as my mom, her brothers & her sisters were always together when I was growing up. They were all such loving, caring, & fun people to be around, & of course they were that way because of my wonderful grandparents, who were the same. My uncle flew in from Arizona last evening for a quick visit with my aunt—he flies home tomorrow eve.—so Tom & I went to spend some time with them both this morning. What a delight to listen to them laughing and telling stories of their childhood—my uncle was quite a rascal in his youth—& telling me about my mom’s various escapades!! A great way to spend the morning! :))

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