By dfb24


...for AbstractThursday. Thank you Ingeborg for hosting this fun challenge each week!  I had to go to one of my least favorite places this morning--the dreaded dentist--for my bi-yearly dental check. I do my dentist, who is really wonderful, a disservice when I say I dread going there, but I was so traumatized by my childhood dentist that I can't seem to help it. When my brothers and I were growing up, our dentist was only a few blocks from where my grandma lived, so my mom would make appointments for all of us, drop us off at the dentist's office, and one by one we'd stagger back to my grandma's as he finished torturing us! He didn't believe  in numbing medication, so drilled without any if we had a cavity, and it was painful!! He'd tell us to wave our hand if it hurt, and I'd be waving both of them in the air, so he'd stop; I'd ask if he was done, and he'd say there was just a little more. I probably waved 20 times in the course of drilling one cavity, but it just never stopped & I've always thought it was cruel! Once my teeth were cleaned and checked, I left and went to Seminary Woods, where I found this abstract blip. It's actually the end of a tree stump, and the pattern and colors caught my eye as I was walking around. Ran some errands, picked up some lunch for Tom & I and now I'm in for the day. I forgot to mention yesterday that I relayed all your birthday wishes to him, and he asked that I tell you all how nice that was, and he thanks you!!  :))

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