By Teasel

A Crow

It was rather grey and cold today, with rain/sleet blowing in the wind.  I was a bit weary and the greyness didn’t make me want to rush out for a run.  TT headed off to church and I repurposed some left overs and old veg into a pot of soup.  Later in the morning we had to pick BB up from his camp.  He was full of the joys until we got home, when tiredness and grumpiness set in big time.

After lunch, TT and I headed over to Dirleton and walked through Archerfield Estate to  Yellowcraig Beach, along the beach and back through the dunes.  It didn’t seem as cold and windy as it had been earlier and it was a bit brighter. BB didn’t want to come as he had homework and cello practice to be done.

We came home via the supermarket and got home to find out that BB had watched TV all afternoon.  You can guess what happened next – he eventually got his cello out and he did a little bit of homework.  He is going to be busy tomorrow evening.

BB has had an early night.  Hopefully he will wake up in the morning – refreshed and ready for the week!

The tide had just turned as we walked along the beach.  There were lots of crows picking through the seaweed that was left behind.

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