A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

MM263 :: TENSION :: MMC19

MMC19 #04

This week's Mono Monday theme, as set by laurie54, is TENSION.

There are two tensions here. The strain on the elastic band as I stretch it and the tension of not knowing if it might catapult towards my camera and smash the lens filter.

Well the tension didn't last long, this was my only snap because the elastic band snapped and flew into my left eye!

My Mono Month Challenge continues, maybe with more PPE* in future... 

Extra Challenges or Themes and their Tags:

People/Portrait :: MMC19P  ✓ ✓
Landscape/Urban :: MMC19L
Texture/Tones  ::  MMC19T 
Abstract/Shape  ::  MMC19A  ✓
Reflections  ::  MMC19R  ✓

* PPE = Personal Protection Equipment.

Note: Last night I snapped the International Space Station as it passed over my house. I added the image to yesterday's Blip as an extra. 

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