Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Forthside Bridge

The snow all went overnight as the temperature rose. Beautiful bright sunny day. Walked up to town. The local branch of Caffe Nero is now dog friendly. Although it's a chain not an independent it's become a favourite. Today a woman who was leaving as I went in asked me if dogs are allowed. "What a shame", she said when I said yes. I guess they've lost that customer. I told one of the baristas but she didn't seem concerned. And to be fair to the dogs they both settled quietly though I can understand that not everyone wants a dog about the place.

Walking home I saw the Forthside Bridge (£7 million as I've said before) against the blue sky. I still feel Stirling could have lived happily without this expensive bridge but there we are.

Washing is out on the line - blowing gently in the breeze and drying in the sunshine. A simple pleasure but hard to beat.

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