60 lbs per square inch

Mr G is a pro (well almost) and the correct TENSION of his racquets is an absolute prerequisite. They have to be strung as tight as a duck’s a**e (shall we say bum for the sake of blippers).

I puzzled over lemon tea at the Italian café about this challenge, and Mr B immediately associated tension with his racquets, and conveniently we have met on his return from the club, with his monster tennis bag. So here I give you a blip of his tightly strung strings.

This morning removed the fridge bulb which popped, and thoroughly cleaned the inside of the fridge.

Then 2 hours ringing round TSB to find a number for their ATM disputes team in Sheldon, Birmingham. My lovely Romanian acquaintance, you may remember, found 2x£60 withdrawn on her statement, when nothing happened on the first transaction. The 2nd time was successful. 2 weeks later when her statement arrived she found she had been charged twice.

The branch returned the money. But have now written they can’t substantiate the claim and will be re-debiting her. So have sent an email to them asking for a video to show she received 2 lots of money, and a print out from the ATM. I feel so sorry for G as £60 represents a fortune to someone on minimum wage. I’ll hope and pray.

Drizzly, but mild now. Last night 40mph gusts.

Thanks Laurie for hosting MM.

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